Helping children


WHAT WE WANT: to give kids that have been traumatized by the war in Ukraine, an opportunity to get much needed rehabilitation and recreation, free of charge. Our goal is to provide the kids with counseling and support, give them a chance to feel protected, safe and happy again. We are working on opening, as promptly as we can, an all summer long recreational camp in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, for over 400 children from different regions of Ukraine. You also can join us and contribute to the good cause, any donation is greatly appreciated.

Kids are our continuation, they are our future. There is no greater joy than to hear the happy laugh of kids. Unfortunately, there are less and less kid’s laugh in Ukraine. Many children lost loved ones because of the war. They still have nowhere to live because their homes are destroyed or uninhabitable due to the shellings. Many parents have lost their jobs and are unable to provide their children with the minimum needs they need. Many Ukrainians have no reason to laugh now…

NEBOKRAY is an active leisure club for kids and teens. Our club goes over 7 years back and for all this years kids laugh has never stopped! Unfortunately, things have changed, but we are deeply convinced that children’s laugh and their happy eyes are more important and needed right now in these difficult times. Therefore, now we are starting our ambitious project while rockets are still flying over our peaceful cities and people have to literally live in bomb shelters, but we have to be prepared  for a very hard and long restoration process of Ukraine! And perhaps, the most important thing in our country’s recovery is rehabilitation and recovery of our children. We want to  hear their laugh and see their happy eyes again!

REHABILITATION THROUGH JOINT ACTIVITY. The camp will implement a very action-packed and interesting program of leisure and rehabilitation.  The main idea is for the kids to spend active time among their friends! They will solve common problems, strive together for victory in team games, achieve victories together and share defeats together. As a result, kids will feel that they are needed, what they are doing is important and useful to others, that they are a part of a group, and most importantly, they are loved, supported, cared for and are always welcomed. This psychological condition of unity and feeling being needed does amazing things in the process of kids rehabilitation and recovery.

NATURE IS THE BEST CURE. We chose the location for our camp, taking into consideration safety, tranquility and environmental purity of the place. The tourist complex where kids will stay is located in an incredibly beautiful part of the mountains, by the Borzhava mountain meadow, among green forests and fast-moving mountain rivers. Nature is the best therapist, so it is extremely important that kids have an opportunity to and get in touch with nature and feel its curing power. They will ride in fragrant mountain grasses, pick wild berries, blueberries, touch centuries-old spruces and beeches, run barefoot on the grass, hike high in the mountains and look at all that beauty from high above. Feeling the mountain wind on their cheeks for sure will cause a calm smile of happiness – and this is the goal!

PSYCHOLOGICAL REHABILITATION. The war has had a profound effect on kids mental health. It will be difficult for some of them to get back to normal, for others it will be nearly impossible. Our team includes professional child psychologists who will find to the right type of counseling for each kid, help them understand their problems, and cope with their fears. Not a single child will be left unattended.

MOMENTS ARE MORE VALUABLE THAN THINGS! Now this slogan of NEBOKRAY has a deeper meaning. In fact, moments of happiness, moments of smiles, moments of uncontrollable laughter which are now so lacking, help restore the psychological and physical condition of the traumatized kids. They provide the best therapy for the war affected children.

A team that will work with children in the camps

Kostiantyn Kondratenko. Head and founder of Nebokray, sports instructor in the camp

Bohdan Malysh. Head, camp leader of the senior group of children in the camp.

Nataliia Arkhipenko. Manager, nurse with more than 20 years of experience

Nataliia Doroshenko. Psychologist, psychotherapist, trauma therapist, EMDR therapist, candidate of psychological sciences.

Kateryna Tatarintseva. Development Manager, Photography. 


Iustyn Nahirniak. Campleader, animator.


Anna Kondratenko. Campleader, animator.


Tymofii Melnyk. Campleader, animator.

Anna Palamarchuk. Campleader, animator.

Mariia Shtepa-Pekur. Campleader, animator.